Thesis Paper Outline, v2

This is the first draft of the “Hacked Mechanics” Thesis Paper Outline. I have attempted to present everything as concisely as possible, yet still leaving room for expansion. The one organizational decision that I am still unsure about is where I placed the Design Process. Of course, there may be other areas that need more thought or reorganization as well.

 I. Table of Contents
 II. List of Figures
 III. List of Tables
 IV. Acknowledgements
 V. Artist Statement
 VI. Abstract
 VII. Concept
 VIII. Then & Now
 IX. The Importance of Real-Time Gameplay
 X. Prototype 1: Turn-Based vs. Real-Time Combat System
     A. Prototype 1 Overview
        1. Turn-Based Combat System Mechanic
           i. Prototype 1 Turn-Based Player Stats
           ii. Prototype 1 Turn-Based Enemy Stats
        2. Real-Time Combat System Mechanic
           i. Prototype 1 Real-Time Player Stats
           ii. Prototype 1 Real-Time Enemy Stats
        3. Playtest Results
 XI. Prototype 2: Time-Limited Gameplay
     A. Prototype 2 Overview
        1. Non-Time-Limited Gameplay Mechanic
        2. Time-Limited Gameplay Mechanic
        3. Playtest Results
 XII. Conclusion
 XIII. Bibliography
 XIV. Appendix