Tim Samoff

About Tim

Hi. I’m Tim.

I’m a game and UX designer living in Southern California. I have a BFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts and an MFA in Interactive Design & Game Development from SCAD. I am a tenured Professor of Game Design & Multimedia at Moorpark College.

I have designed games my entire life, having done so professionally since 1992. Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of working on over 40 published titles, AAA and otherwise, several of which were award-winning. I have designed and developed countless other games as well — some were for pleasure and many were serious games made for corporate training.

Other facts:
  • I designed my first website in 1993.
  • I have released three relatively successful independent music CDs.
  • I am married, with three children.

This website houses my MFA thesis for SCAD, where I have studied Interactive Design & Game Development.

Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to reach me, please do so through the Contact page.